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Green Roofs

A living, breathing rooftop environment.


Green roofs have been popular in Europe since the 1970's. Today, Europeans have over 100 million square feet of planted roofs. Many of these systems are built-in-place on the roof, making them complex and expensive to install. Faced with soaring energy costs and stormwater management requirements, U.S. building designers and owners are turning to the GreenGrid® modular green roof system – the premier green roof system for high-performance buildings.


The GreenGrid® modular green roof system is a cost competitive alternative to traditional built-in-place green roofs. A GreenGrid® green roof is composed of a series of pre-planted modules made of recycled plastics that can easily be placed directly on a roof or other structure with sufficient structural capacity. The system meets the needs and requirements of industrial/commercial, government, institutional, and residential buildings.

2501 West Armitage Green Roof

2501 West Armitage, Chicago, IL

Energy savings green roof is like a park on top of your building
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